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The Uncontested Gut Busting Experience.

Shred Fat, Move Freely & Enjoy the Foods You Love

Work With Me on a Personalised Fitness Quest which Promises to Keep You Motivated & On-Track Whilst Enjoying Your Personal Life.

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Master the Power of Habit to Shred Fat Quickly, Forge Muscle Tone & Sustain Your New Body.

MORE than a Training Plan, You Will Undergo Motivational Interviewing to Elicit Perminent Change in Your Psyche.

Practice My Signature 3 Step Training Frame Work that has Relentlessly Delivered Results, Over & Over Again!

coach gethin

Unrestricted Results

In the confusing world of fitness and nutrition, it can be hard to keep motivated and on track.

Hi, I’m Coach Gethin. I’ve been simplifying fat loss and muscle tone for my clients since 2011 – and in the process, they’ve boosted their energy, stopped getting out of breath and have limited those pesky injuries.

Many diets such as low carb, low fat and meal replacements will enforce a restrictive approuch to nutrition. Not only is this unsustainable but it can negatively impact your personal life (and let’s face it, it’s boring).

I take a holistic approuch to weight loss where we’ll address your stress, your sleep and your exercise. I’ll also be guiding you through a non-restrictive approuch to nutrition that actually works!

And it all starts with a free “Master Plan” call, where we’ll establish realistic goals, address the barriers and get you pumped for a permanent bodily transformation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is NOT a “one size fits all” kind of system. We’re all different. We all need different training plans, spesific nutritional needs and various levels of support. Untill we get on the phone and discuss your needs, I am unable to offer you a price.

Most online coaches only focus on diet and exercise. They fail to see the importance of stress management, sleep and what we do when we’re away from the gym.

I take a holistic approuch and treat each client as an individual. This means…

  1. Training plans will be spesifically created for you – instead of being pulled from a generic template.
  2. You will get regular time on the phone with me – I won’t leave you hanging high and dry.
  3. We’re focused on getting you to elicit perminent change to your psyche – so that you may sustain your new body.

Nope. I take clients from all over the world. Please note, the programme is provided in English.

I love working with beginners! This gives me the opportunity to make them feel 100% confident with their exercise and nutrition. No matter where you’re starting from, it’ll be my pleasure to simplify things for you.

Since starting my career in 2011, I’ve worked with elite academy athletes and world martial arts champions. Maybe you already know what you’re doing and you want to take it to the next level. I’ll keep you on track and teach you some new things along the way.

This completely depends on your goal and your current circumstances.

As a standard bench mark, many of my clients see an outstanding physical transformation in 90 days. Research would suggest that clients who stay with me for 180 days would be more lightly to sustain their results.

Yes. Many people have approuched me with pesky spine, shoulder and knee injuries and we’ve managed to work around them just fine. However, if I feel that medical attention would suit you better, I will do my best to guide you to a great practitioner.

I hate cookie cutter programmes.

Each programme I design must meet the clients physical needs, diet preferences, personality and time commitment. For you to understand the customization that goes into my planning, here’s a few examples from the past 9 years.

  • A 78 year old gentleman who wanted to improve his flexibility as he could no longer put his own socks on.
  • A lady with a neck injury who’s limited to body weight exercises as she was staying in a hotel.
  • A 17 year old football player training to earn a soccor scholarship in the USA.
  • A World Taekwondo Champion wishing to improve his strength without putting on extra weight.

Whatever your circumstances, we have your back!

I’m on the phone with my clients at least every other week. These support calls are designed to smash barriers, address concerns and to keep you on track with your goals.

You’ll also have access to my personal What’s App account and I’ll be keeping an eye on your diet through My Fitness Pal.


Spaces on the mentorship is subject to availability. Book soon to avoid disapointment.


The 5-Day Fast Track to Cultivating the Behaviour & Habits of the "Naturally Lean."

START DATE: 5th of April 2021