Carwyn Morgan

Sport Analyst Carwyn Morgan – Episode #2

Carwyn Morgan is a Senior Performance Analyst for England Rugby.  

You’ll listen in to a wide ranging conversation which includes the inner workings of professional sport, the athletes mindset and training methodology. This interview will keep you busy as Carwyn and I share some of our favorite resources.

This conversation with Carwyn Morgan took a fascinating side track as the advice he offered could enrich someones life.

Key Discussion Points

  • What a Performance Analyst does. [00:23]
  • How Carwyn Morgan became a Performance Analyst. [02:12]
  • The barriers towards working in professional sport. [04:05]
  • What it’s like to work for England Rugby. [06:50]
  • The mindset of an elite performer. [08:45]
  • Carwyn praises The Last Dance documentary with Michael Jordan. [11:05]
  • A mention of Relentless by Tim Grover. [11:40]
  • We discuss wherever or not young athletes should undergo psychological coaching. [11:40]
  • The importance of psychology in sports coaching. [13:45]
  • How Winning by Frank Dick can help you cope with overwhelm. [15:55]
  • Carwyn talks about meditation and an app called State [18:20]
  • Other meditation practices mentioned such as Calm, Head Space and Wim Hof. [19:45]
  • The older generation are far better at looking after their mental health. [21:40]
  • The issue of over working and finding time to switch off. [22.50]
  • How to research the different career opportunities in professional sport. [23:50]
  • How sport can encourage you to network. [27:50]
  • The importance of collecting and delivering data. [30:10]
  • Coaching inside and outside the bubble. [31:35]
  • Carwyn expresses his interest in the Back Squat and the importance of training the legs. [34:10]
  • The use of unilateral leg exercises. [36:00]
  • Preferences for home workout equipment. [36.55]
  • Playing about with body weight exercise using Rip Deck. [37:10]
  • My preferences for home workout equipment. [39:00]
  • The importance of sleep and a mention of Joe Rogan’s podcast episode with Matthew Walker [41:05]
  • Referencing that different components of health interlink [43:20]

How to Contact Carwyn Morgan

  • carwynhuwmorgan@gmail.com

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