Carwyn Morgan

Sport Analyst Carwyn Morgan – Ep 2

Carwyn Morgan is a Senior Performance Analyst for England Rugby.  

You’ll listen in to a wide ranging conversation which includes the inner workings of professional sport, the athletes mindset and training methodology. This interview will keep you busy as Carwyn and I share some of our favourite resources.

This conversation with Carwyn Morgan took a fascinating side track as the advice he offered could enrich someone’s life.

Key Discussion Points

The Role of a Performance Analyst – Carwyn’s role is to deliver key information to the coaches and the players so that they may improve. Not only does this involves video analysis of the teams performance but also a breakdown of the opposition. Carwyn found himself in this profession after he had achieved an internship with Bristol College.

Working in Professional Sport – Carwyn talks about the difficulties of working in professional sport. He mentions that whenever we go up a level, we are once again a beginner in our environment. We also learn the difference between working with younger players and working with the first team.

Cultivating an Elite Mindset – Mindset separates the best from the best. The higher up you go, the more distractions that’ll come your way. Working with team mates becomes more challenging and players may be burnt by the media. Never let distractions overcome you. Here, Carwyn and I have an interesting conversation about working with a psychologist and meditation.

How Carwyn Manages his Heavy Workload – When I met Carwyn, he was undergoing two internships, working as a personal trainer and he worked behind a bar. It’s easy to fall into the trap of overworking and sometimes it’s worth slowing down. Carwyn uses meditation to help with this.

Navigating Your Career Path – Carwyn offers some sound advice on creating a career for yourself in sport. He talks about building a network and finding work experience. Carwyn always tries to take a nugget of information from anyone he communicates with, even if he doesn’t necessarily likes them.

What Makes an Effective Coach – Great coaching involves tracking, delivering the information that has been tracked and inline with that, knowing your players. Carwyn also argues that the best coaches focus on the final technical details and the bigger picture. Carwyn refers to this as being inside and outside the bubble.

A Discussion About Training MethodologyYour glutes and your quads are the engine of the car. This is not just for athletes. This is crucial information for the general population who wish to age gracefully. If Carwyn was to choose one piece of kit, it would be the barbell. However, he argues that we don’t need much kit to get strong at home. 

Health is Not Just Training and Nutrition – Sleep may be the biggest issue that people are having within their health. We need to take a holistic approach to health which includes sleep, exercise, nutrition and mental health.


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