Sidetracked Adventures

Sophie Nolan from Sidetracked Adventures – Episode #3

Sophie Nolan is the founder of Sidetracked Adventures, an outdoor adventure company offering guided tours in Finnish Lapland.

Throughout this episode, you will consider the importance of building fires, learn where to buy your knives and figure out what it takes to survive in arctic conditions.

Sidetracked offers incredible events for anyone who wishes to take on a new challenge and build their mental resilience.

Key Discussion Points

  • About 100 Days of Polar Night Magic. [00:35]
  • Challenges Sophie endured. [02:10]
  • The importance of kitting up for the cold. [04:15]
  • Why Sophie was a successful applicant of 100 Days of Polar Night Magic. [05:45]
  • Using 1 Second Everyday during the application process. [07:05]
  • From the big city to living in the Finnish Wilderness. [09:10]
  • 10 month International Wilderness Guide course. [11:55]
  • The self-sufficient nature of Finnish people. [13:35]
  • An introduction to Sidetracked Adventures [14:40]
  • Skills you may pick up on a Sidetracked tour. [15:20]
  • Sophie’s learning technique that helped her remember 500 species of plant. [20:15]
  • Find your own learning style. [23:50]
  • Breaking the stigma of sport in education. [25:25]
  • The importance of being able to start a fire to survive. [27:40]
  • How to practice building a fire. [32:20]
  • Why knives are important. [34:50]
  • The importance of keeping your knife sharp. [35:35]
  • Sophie praises Finnish Puukko knives and a brand called Mora. [36:20]
  • How to manage your teaching based on the students needs. [40:30]
  • The sleeping conditions of a Sidetracked Adventures tour. [45:40]
  • Muscling through tough weather conditions. [46:40]
  • The Finnish mentality and learning by suffering. [50:10]
  • A tough love approach to getting your through adversity. [52:05]
  • Using a Sidetracked tour to build mental resilience. [55:25]
  • Sophie’s unconventional method for staying winter fit. [57:10]
  • How Sidetracked are taking their tours to the next level. [01:00:00]
  • Sophie’s almighty word of advice. [01:03:05]

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