Sidetracked Adventures

Sophie Nolan from Sidetracked Adventures – Ep 3

Sophie Nolan is the founder of Sidetracked Adventures, an outdoor adventure company offering guided tours in Finnish Lapland.

Throughout this episode, you will consider the importance of building fires, learn where to buy your knives and figure out what it takes to survive in arctic conditions.

Sidetracked offers incredible events for anyone who wishes to take on a new challenge and build their mental resilience.

Key Discussion Points

Polar Night Magic – Sophie describes her breath-taking exhibition in Finland. Prior to experiencing the harsh cold, Sophie had to undergo a difficult application process. You will learn how she stood out and how you may do the same.

Office to Adventure – Sophie was a graphic designer working in an office. She now runs Sidetracked Adventures, an incredible outdoor adventure company based in Finland. Sophie talks about how she made such a transition and also gives an insight to the nature of the Finish population as well as her brutal training process.

6 Day Artic Challenge – Sidetracked Adventures runs a 6 day exhibition where you’ll pull 15kg of kit across the Finish landscape. You’ll learn about the local wilderness, practice lighting fires and whittle tools.

The Learning Process – Sophie offers an insight as to how she remembers 500 different species of plants. She merges learning with physical activity for maximum information retention. This section also offers us insight as to the importance of “on the job” learning as oppose to “text book” learning. My biggest take away from this section is Sophie’s views on the British education system.

Why Building a Fire is So Important – If you are to only learn one survival skill, you must learn to build a fire. It’ll help you to feed yourself, to keep predatory animals away and to manage your body heat.

Choosing Your Knife – The knife is the ultimate survival tool. Sophie recommends a Mora as it only costs £10 and is a resilient piece of equipment.

Managing Her Clientele – Sophie builds her courses around the demands of the clientele. Some prefer to practice whittling whilst others may prefer to learn about Finish nature. Sophie also has a role in pushing people through tough weather conditions. The most memorable days are the days in which you overcome adversity.

Keeping Fit as a Guide – Sophie spends half the winter at a Husky farm. She works for twelve hours leading sled rides, feeding the dogs and undergoing various other physically challenges tasks. Sophie talks about the complications of this years tours. From fresh snow to less preparation, Sophie had to show some serious mental resilience.

Sidetracked Adventures New Tours – Usually, you’d have the opportunity to stop in a log cabin between long journeys. Now Sophie is running a new exhibition whereby you’ll be sleeping in the tents in the snow in a more mountainous terrain. Sophie is also planning some UK based trips in North Wales, Pembrokeshire and Scotland.

Sophie’s Final Word – Get out in nature. The more time you spend in nature, the more time you’ll want to look after yourself and look after our beautiful planet.


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