Tom Morrison

Tom Morrison on Mobility – Ep 4

Tom Morrison is a mobility specialist and the creator of the Simplistic Mobility Method.

From reducing aches and pains to achieving the optimal squat for your physiology, this conversation will broaden your thoughts on mobility.

Key Discussion Points

  • Tom Morrison’s sporting, coaching and injury background. [00:20]
  • Understanding what mobility is. [02:50]
  • Why Tom doesn’t use self massage or joint distraction techniques. [03:25]
  • Structuring mobility into your daily routine and the imporatance of habit. [05:35]
  • An introduction to the Simplistic Mobility Method. [07:25]
  • The danger with asymetry. [08:40]
  • Developing deep hip flexion and Tom’s Deep Lunge Test. [09:15]
  • The relationship between your hip extension and glute activation. [10:25]
  • How lateral hip movement effects our walking and running. [10:35]
  • How hip rotation plays into the squat. [10:55]
  • Training the adductors. [11:25]
  • Brian May really did tear his arse muscle. [11:50]
  • Why we need to do more balance work. [12:40]
  • The list of joint issues that the Simplistic Mobility Method has previously help with. [14:15]
  • Ankle mobility and squatting profiles. [15:40]
  • How to communicate mobility issues with a client. [19:00]
  • Interventions for people who are frequently sat down. [22:55]
  • How to do a proper couch stretch. [27:00]
  • Overcoming asymetry in compound lifts. [28:15]
  • The importance of stretching the sides. [29:15]
  • Why unilateral exercises alone are not enough. [29:40]
  • You can get strong without great mobility but it comes at a cost. [31:40]
  • Consider how you feel before, during and after an exercise. [32:30]
  • Effectivly coaching the squat and teaching people how to brace. [33:45]
  • The four areas to focus on when building corestability. [37:35]
  • The cons of using a foam roller. [41:20]
  • Learning from martial arts teachers and gymnastics instructors. [46:20]
  • How to absorb information you learn from books and the internet. [47:05]
  • Offering credit to Stuart McGill and a mention of his two books, Back Mechanic and Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance. [48:10]
  • Learning to read the room. [51:00]
  • Teasing out Tom’s top mobility exercises – Multi-Directional Lunges, Inverted Row with Rotation, Single Leg RDL. [55:00]
  • The problem of over enfusiasm. [58:45]
  • Never begrudge your circumstances. [01:02:55]

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