Geraint Williams

12 Half Iron Man Events in 12 Days, Geraint Williams – Ep 5

Just imagine swimming 14.4 miles, cycling 678 miles and running 157.2 miles. Geraint Williams did just that to raise money for the Royal Glamorgan Hospital in South Wales.

This challenge was inspired after his grandfarther passed away from Covid-19. Geraint recieved nation wide support for his challenge as well as recognition from ITV.

Geraint is also the founder of Tri-Zone Fitness. We discuss Geraint’s mental resiliance, training methodology and equipment preferences.

Important note: There were a few audio issues that I wasn’t able to edit out. I appologise

Key Discussion Points

  • A run down on Geraint’s incredible challenge. [00.06]
  • Geraint’s sporting background. [00.30]
  • Tri-Zone Fitness’s online community. [1.30]
  • Why Geraint took on this monumental challenge. [03.50]
  • Splitting your training time between the three disciplines of triathlon. [06.00]
  • Why sport science doesn’t have a larger part in triathlon training. [08.00]
  • Geraint discusses important metrics in triathlon training. [11.00]
  • Practice is more important than detail. [13.15]
  • Geraints varied approuch to recovery during the challenge. [16.25]
  • Eating an Indian take-away in the middle of the challenge. [18.30]
  • What Geraint learnt about himself during the 12 half Iron Man events. [20.35]
  • Getting through the last few miles. [23.00]
  • How to push through a tough endurance feat. [24.20]
  • The person who does the best, slows down the least. [27.45]
  • Geraint’s strength training protocol. [31.25]
  • Expressing our opinions on Crossfit. [36.00]
  • Managing intensity to avoid injury. [40.55]
  • The vaired members of Tri-Zone Fitness. [42.05]
  • What make Tri-Zone Fitness different. [43.25]
  • The importance of a personalized experience. [47.25]
  • The members journey at Tri-Zone Fitness. [49.30]
  • Why a triathlete should have swim cords. [51.40]
  • Geraints goals for the future. [53.00]
  • Taking time to relax. [55:00]

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