Danny Williams

Commonwealth Games Judo Champion Danny Williams – Ep 6

Easily the most wide ranging conversation so far.

Danny and I discuss competition prep, fight psychology and Stoicism. This episode won’t just support your fitness endeavours, it’ll supercharge your life.

Key Discussion Points

  • Getting the last minute call to compete. [01:15]
  • Danny’s gruelling cut for the Commonwealth Games. [03:55]
  • Going with your cut after the weight cut. [04:50]
  • The mental preperation of a Judo player. [05:45]
  • The anxiety and over aggression of being too hyped up. [10:10]
  • Managing strength and conditioning around competitions. [12:20]
  • Train like your life depends on it, fight like you don’t care. [14:25]
  • How Stoicism plays into judo. [15:45]
  • How Danny came to be interested in Stoicism (Meditations, Marcus Aurelius). [16:30]
  • Getting started in Stowicism (Donald Robertson, Ryan Holiday, Massimo Pigliucci). [19:30]
  • Danny gives credit to Modern Stoicism. [20:00]
  • The importance of having a diverse identity (Happy, Derren Brown). [23:00]
  • Asking what excites you (The 4-Hour Work Week, Time Ferris). [23:35]
  • Gaining perspective by looking at the view from above. [25:20]
  • Everyone in your close circle must bring something to the table. [26:45]
  • Every man can be my master in one area. [28:50]
  • How to cultivate an environment that is condusive to success. [31:15]
  • Pracices of Essentialism that Danny uses in his daily life. [33:00]
  • Goals will help you find structure. [35:40]
  • Danny lets us in on whats next for his Judo career. [33:00]
  • How Danny manages his time between being a full time athlete and a coach. [29:15]
  • The importance of having something to go to after life as an athlete. [42:45]
  • The problem of centralizing sport in the UK (Aaron Cook’s Story). [44:00]
  • Danny lets us know what it takes to be an effective coach (Mason Jones). [44:00]
  • To be an elite coach, you must first be an elite player. [53:05]
  • You just have to be good enough (Outliers, Malcom Gladwell). [56:25]
  • How to master a skill in a limited amount of space. [58:10]
  • What we can take from being in a Covid-19 lockdown. [01:00:00]
  • Choosing strength exercises for Judo. [01:04:30]
  • The three most under trained areas in the human body. [01:05:50]
  • The importance of rope climbs. [01:07:05]
  • Imagine that your feet are a hundered differen suction cups (West Side Barbbell). [01:07:05]
  • Using analogies to teach technique. [01:09:45]
  • Breaking down techniques. [01:13:05]
  • What Danny would say to his younger self. [01:14:45]

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