get rid of belly fat

6 Simple Hacks to Get Rid of Belly Fat FAST

Clients often ask me about spot reduction. How do I tone my arms, avoid chub rub on my legs or more commonly, get rid of belly fat. Sadly, choosing an area to tone through exercise is a myth. Where we lose fat first is a mater of our biological make up and it cannot be manipulated. 

This piece is the perfect compliment to last weeks article, The Best Weight Loss Advice to Follow for Beginners. You will seamlessly plunge you into a calorie deficit, simplify dieting and finally shake those extra pounds.

Avoid Snacking

The fewer items there are to focus on, the simpler a task becomes. This productivity cue has been well known for centuries yet we fail to apply it to our weight loss. Imagine how simple calorie counting would be if you only ate during meal times.

When we eat outside of a meal, small snacks could potentially compound and before we know it, our calorie consumption is through the roof. Consider eating three to five meals each day and attempt to avoid eating between these meals.

Don’t Drink Calories

Doesn’t it sound ridiculous? How could a splash of milk in a cup of coffee hinder our weight loss?

Well, that splash of milk is fine until you have a few more. Many people drink copious amounts of tea and coffee. They may even find themselves drinking the equivalent of a glass of milk (146 calories).

Don’t just concern yourself with hot beverages. Consider fruit juices, soft drinks and alcohol. Drinks are often more difficult to track than food.

get rid of belly fat

Stop Mixing Carbs and Fats

This neat little hack from Martin Macdonald may sound misleading so listen closely…there is nothing wrong with carbohydrates and there is nothing wrong with fats!

However, carbohydrates are easy to indulge in and fatty foods such as fish, nuts and red meat are high in calories. By placing them both together in the same meal, you may create a calorific meal that is unforgiving on fat loss efforts.

Create an Eating Window 

An eating window is a self produced time frame where you allow yourself to eat. This simply serves to cut down on the number of calories you eat each day. Popular eating windows include a 16 hour fast followed by an 8 hour eating window or a 14 hour fast followed by a 10 hour eating window.

Most of my beginners cut calories with a 10 hour eating window.

Although intermittent fasting isn’t a magic cure for anything, it may aid your cognitive performance or immunity to illness.

Eat in Order of Priority 

Whilst looking at your dinner plate, consider which foods have the most calories. From there, proceed by eating the least calorific food first. By the time you finish your vegetables, you may already be filling up.

Focusing on calories is just an option. You may order your eating by which foods suppresses your appetite the most. Start with your protein source and then move on to some vegetables.

get rid of belly fat

Start Tracking Calories from Friday 

Imagine if you needed to consume under 2,300 calories to lose weight. That equates to 16,100 calories each week. If you start tracking your calories on Friday and opt for a big weekend of alcohol and Chinese take-away’s, you’ve left yourself with a much smaller calories allowance for the rest of the week.

Now, you may probably worry about the lack of calories. After all, under-consumption of food is unhealthy but so is being over weight. If under-consumption is a concern then you’ll need to cut back on social occasion.

You Don’t Need to Get Rid of Belly Fat This Way

Each of the for-mentioned methods are handy little tools for suppressing your calories but they’re not mandatory. Find your own way into a deeper calories deficit. Do so in a way that doesn’t take the fun out of eating.

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