Kieron Prosser

Kieron Prosser on Leading Body Composition Classes and Building the Shoulder – Ep 8

This is an in-depth discussion on leading semi-private personal training sessions, developing a bullet proof shoulder and assembling an outstanding team of fitness professionals. At the time of recording, Kieron Prosser was the head trainer of Force Strength and Conditioning based in South Wales. This episode is a “must listen” for anyone looking to get into the fitness industry.

Key Discussion Points

  • Leading a team in a leading Strength and Conditioning facility. [00:00]
  • Programming Plyometrics to a general population client. [04:00]
  • How to build a loyal following of clients. [07:25]
  • Which is more important, customer service or trainer knowledge? [11:00]
  • A discussion on principles and methodology. [15:00]
  • Managing a fussy eater. [19:30]
  • Constructing a group fitness class for fat loss. [22:00]
  • Floor activation and mobility. [29:20]
  • Coaching nutrition to a group and individual client. [32:55]
  • Managing difficult exercises & teaching technique. [37:50] (Nick Winkelman)
  • What goes into making a resilient shoulder? [47:00]
  • A warm up for an injured shoulder. [55:45]
  • The difference between an effective and ineffective coach. [58:50] (Advances in Functional Fitness)
  • Kieron’s biggest pet peeve in the fitness industry. [01:05:00]
  • Kieron’s top book choices. [01:11:20] (Dan John) (Functional Strength Training & Conditioning Mike Boyle) (Squat Bible) (Becoming a Supple Leopard)
  • Surrounding yourself with the right people. [01:17:20]

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