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Set a Kick Ass New Year Resolution and Achieve It

2020 is just around the corner. This is more than just a New Year. It’s a New Decade and the perfect time to finally crush a New Year Resolution.

A goal isn’t supposed to make you feel happy or satisfied. A goal is set to make you a better person, wherever you achieve it or not.

A New Year Resolution is nothing more than a goal. Many of you may have had a goal but then neglected it. In spite of this, you’re only slightly ahead of those who didn’t set a goal at all.

Giving up on a New Years Resolution is common because for one, many of us don’t like to fail. If we don’t set goals, we can’t fail. If we consciously decide to neglect a goal, we can’t fail!

But you see, this is foolish. You’re now leaving the circumstances of your life to chance as oppose to taking the wheel for yourself. If you want more control, simply set one New Years Resolution as oppose to multiple. After all, if you chase two rabbits, you won’t catch one.

The Reasons Why All Humans Do Anything

Although humans are the most intelligent species on earth, we’re surprisingly simple folk. There are only two reasons why we do anything. They are…

  1. To avoid pain.
  2. To bring about pleasure.

Pain and Pleasure are often associated with the physical. Pain comes from illness or being wounded. Pleasure is related to tasty food, a hot bath or sex. However, we may feel emotional pain such as embarrassment or upset and we may feel emotional pleasure such as excitement.

Either way, we can use pain and pleasure as fuel to achieve our New Year Resolution. Just ask yourself why you wish to achieve it in the first place.

I’d like to use weight loss as an example. Many of my weight loss clients felt embarrassed in a swim suit and out of breath after walking up the stairs. This is pain. The pride of owning a great physique is pleasure and so is never being breathless doing normal day to day things.

new year resolution

Habits and the Snow Ball Effect

So many of us feel the need to find motivation. We browse through quotations and inspirational videos online but in actuality, motivation sucks! If action was purely fueled by motivation, nothing would get done.

Motivation comes and goes like a bottle of wine but habits are sustainable.

When we practice the same action on a daily basis, it becomes a habit. Habits are apart of our subconscious nature so they don’t need to be fueled by motivation.

It takes sixty six days to form a habit. When I try to form a new habit, I use a mobile app called HabitBull. It does a fantastic job at keeping me on track. I would highly recommend choosing one habit that links to your goal. Below are a few examples.

  • If you wish to lose weight, make a habit of tracking your calories.
  • When toning your muscles, stick to your weight training routine.
  • Whilst hunting for a job, do a daily Google search.

Statistically speaking, you’re lightly to have days where you fail to maintain your habit. Even so, keep trying your best. How else will you get better? You may not be brilliant at sticking to a routine but you can still be 5% better than you were last week or 15% better than you were the week before.

As a final word on habits, I’d recommend focusing more on the habit and less on the end goal. Get to where you want to be “little by little.”

Your New Year Resolution Plan

Le’t sum up what we need to do to crush 2020!

  1. Write down your New Year Resolution. Remember to only pick one.
  2. Make a list of pain and pleasure points that are associated with your Resolution.
  3. Choose a habit that is link to your goal and stick to it.
  4. On days that you don’t stick to it, don’t criticize yourself but start over.

If your goal is weight loss, click here for the best place to start.