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How to Lose Belly Fat with “NEAT”

NEAT stands for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. Anyone looking to lose belly fat should place heavy focus on NEAT.

NEAT is nothing more than your daily activity before exercise. It’s your walk to work or your daily house chores. Simply ask yourself,How active would I be if I didn’t partake in any structured exercise?”

When it comes to weight loss, NEAT may be more important than structured exercise.

You have one hundred and sixty eight hours in a week. A mere three to five hours of “working out” isn’t going to mean a thing if you spend the rest of your time as a couch potato.

A tough interval session will boost your metabolism so that you burn additional calories past your average amount, even after exercise. But your metabolic rate will always revert back to its preexisting level.

PLEASE NOTE: Exercise is essential for sculpting a healthy body. I’m not telling you to stop exercising. I’m simply asking you to consider the importance of regular movement.

Bringing NEAT Into Your Life

Now that you know the importance of NEAT, let’s try to inject it into your daily life with a few basic methods.

  1. Swap the escalator for the stairs (or at least walk up the escalator).
  2. Walk or cycle to work.
  3. Go on walking lunch breaks.
  4. Do more house chores.
  5. Get a pet dog (they’ll keep you busy).

Stay on track with your daily activity with a productivity app such as habit bull. Alternatively, you may use a step counter such as Fitbit or a mobile phone app.

Learn to Lose Belly Fat “Fast”

I’ve written a beginners guide to weight loss. As well as being one of my most popular posts, it highlights the most factors in a healthy and successful cut.

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