Mason the Dragon Jones

Mason the Dragon Jones, Cage Warriors Light Weight Champion – Episode #1

In our initial episode of Coach Gethin Radio, I interview Mason the Dragon Jones. As well as being the Cage Warrior’s Lightweight World Champion, Mason has an exceptional background in professional boxing, Judo  and various other arts. 

My aim for this podcast was to dissect Masons thought processes and training methodology. This interview achieved this and then some. Mason offers us a deep description of his pre-fight nutrition, training regime and what he looks for in a coach.

After recording this episode, I came away with an appreciation for Mason’s attention to detail. The Dragon is always on the hunt for ways in which he can improve his performance, even if it’s just by 1%.

Key Discussion Points

  • Masons pre-fight nutrition and post fight routine. [01:40]
  • The reasoning behind Masons calm manner towards fighting. [05:40]
  • The three things Mason looks for in a coach. [09:00]
  • Key thought processes that pushes Mason through his training. [16:45]
  • Technical coaching methodology used by Masons team. [19:00]
  • How to dedicate time to both grappling and striking arts. [23:40]
  • Priorities in Strength and Conditioning practices and the importance of nutrition. [26:50]
  • Key exercises for fighters and life style considerations for training. [31:20]
  • Utilizing a heart rate monitor to determine adequate exercise intensity. [36:00]
  • Punch bag preferences and the use of variety. [39:40]
  • Mason equipment choices. [41:40]
  • Mason’s plans for the near future and his UFC ambitions. [42:40]
  • The 3 destinations where Mason aspires to fight. [43:50]

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