Mason the Dragon Jones

Mason the Dragon Jones, Cage Warriors Light Weight Champion – Ep 1

In our initial episode of Coach Gethin Radio, I interview Mason the Dragon Jones. As well as being the Cage Warrior’s Lightweight World Champion, Mason has an exceptional background in professional boxing, Judo  and various other Martial Arts. 

My aim for this podcast was to dissect Masons thought processes and training methodology. This interview achieved this and then some. Mason offers us a deep description of his pre-fight nutrition, training regime and what he looks for in a coach.

After recording this episode, I came away with an appreciation for Mason’s attention to detail. The Dragon is always on the hunt for ways in which he can improve his performance, even if it’s just by 1%.

Key Discussion Points

Pre and Post Fight Rituals – Mason explained to me what it was like to fight in a closed doors event. This of course was brought on by the pandemic. He was kind enough to offer us his pre-fight eating ritual which includes recovering from an aggressive weight cut. Unlike many MMA fighters, Mason is very particular with what he eats after the fight as recovery is a high priority.

Developing a Fighters State of Mind – As a child, Mason found himself to be “hot headed” but was able to use martial-arts to channel his energy. Mason aspires to hold a clam and practical state of mind throughout his fight career. This is made easier by his enjoyment for the sport. In this second, you’ll notice the extent of Masons martial arts background.

How to Develop an Incredible Coaching Team – Mason is very particular in how he chooses his coaches. He ensures that he has a terrific relationship with everyone he works with. It is also imperative that the coaching team carries the same vision as the athlete and that they all work together to achieve it. Finally, coaches should always be willing to learn, wherever they are in their career.

Mason’s 3 aspects of an excellent coach:

  1. Relationship
  2. Vision
  3. Adaptability

Training Psychology – However hard you work, there is always someone who’s working harder than you. That is why it is essential to optimise everything within your control. This includes training, eating, sleeping, recovery and beyond. Masons argues that perfection is never possible but that he’ll try to reach as close to it as he can.

How to Prioritize Different Styles – Mason completes 3 sessions per day. These include a striking session, a strength and conditioning session and a wrestling session. His striking sessions are very mixed whilst his wrestling sessions often include bouts of Ju Jitsu. This ensures that Mason is meeting all of his technical bases.

S&C and the Importance of Great Nutrition – Mason boasts the universal impact of good nutrition. Managing your nutrition may positively impact your energy, recovery and your sleep. Whilst his eating habits are in check, Mason trains with his Strength and Conditioning coach all year round. He never takes more than two weeks off as this will be detrimental to the strength he has gained.

Advice for the General Population – Although Mason favours the Olympic lifts, compound movements and other resistance protocols, he advises people to do what is manageable, enjoyable and safe. He also discusses the importance of a calorie deficit for weight loss and the impacts of daily movement.

Equipment Choices – One of the best tools that Mason the Dragon Jones uses is a heart rate monitor. This allows him to monitor wherever or not he is over training and it ensures that he is working to the right intensity. Chest strap heart rate monitors win over wrist monitors. They are far more accurate. We also discussed the importance of changing up your punch bags. Different punch bags have different benefits.

Future Planning – Mason is aspiring towards UFC glory. As a keen fight fan himself, he’d also love to fight in Japan, Madison Square Garden and Vages.


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