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Personalization Leads to Real Results

Fitness can be overwhelming. If you miss one variable in your training, your results will be slow and picking up an injury will become a very probable threat. Everyone has a different body, different ways of thinking and different life commitments.

If you’re looking to improve your movement and shred unwanted fat, consider a coach who has worked with people similar to yourself. Yes, I have worked with world champion athletes but I’ve also work with elderly gentlemen who were too inflexible to put their socks on. I have worked on both sides of the extreme and everyone in between.

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Located at JD Gym

JD Gym Swansea offers a state of the art training facility with  30,000 sq ft of floor space – perfect for those wanting a private training experience without distraction. It is conveniently located within Swansea City Centre and has excellent parking facilities. Your personal trainer in Swansea is brief walk from Costa Coffee (for well deserved chill time after a session).

Address: 3 Parc Tawe (North) Retail Park, Swansea, Glamorgan, SA1 2 AL

Ask Your Personal Trainer in Swansea

This is NOT a “one size fits all” kind of system. We’re all different. We all need different training plans, specific nutritional needs and various levels of support. Until we discuss your needs, I am unable to offer you a price.

That totally depends on your commitment to the programme and your physiology. However, it is not uncommon for weight loss clients to lose 2 stone within 12 weeks and it is not uncommon for a persons movement to improve in just 2 sessions.

Your training will be goal specific so it is difficult to know exactly what it’ll entail prior to our first conversation. However, most of my clients will undergo some form of resistance training as this aids in weight loss, mobility & motor control and athletic movement.

Absolutely NOT! Although it is common to experience a degree of soreness and discomfort, we will be avoiding “actual physical pain” as this is not conducive to success in fitness.

I love working with beginners! This gives me the opportunity to make them feel 100% confident with their exercise and nutrition. No matter where you’re starting from, it’ll be my pleasure to simplify things for you.

Since starting my career in 2011, I’ve worked with elite academy athletes and world martial arts champions. Maybe you already know what you’re doing and you want to take it to the next level. I’ll keep you on track and teach you some new things along the way.

Yes. Many people have approuched me with pesky spine, shoulder and knee injuries and we’ve managed to work around them just fine. However, if I feel that medical attention would suit you better, I will do my best to guide you to a great practitioner.

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