The remote coaching programme is not for posers. Yes, clients can expect to shred stomach fat and fit comfortably into tight t-shirts. But the primary goal is to enhance your lifestyle. No getting out of breath whilst running after your kid and no excessive joint soreness. Yes to mastering body weight strength and yes to effortless joint mobility.

This 12 week fitness journey follows the exact strategy that Gethin uses to transform his Personal Training clients. This process promises to keep you motivated and on track as you finally achieve your fitness aspirations.

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Please understand that remote coaching is a personalised fitness journey with bespoke training and nutrition planning. Spaces are therefore limited and are subject to the outcome of an initial consultation.

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“Gethin is a professional, passionate, knowledgeable coach, and is always looking to develop himself to help others. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Gethin for these reasons (too name a few), so much so that we still meet up 3 years on to discuss ideas and methods of developing our clients and practice. With the best intentions at heart, Gethin is a trustworthy coach and definitely worth the investment.”
Kieron Prosser
Keiron Prosser
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist


The 5-Day Fast Track to Cultivating the Behaviour & Habits of the "Naturally Lean."

START DATE: 5th of April 2021