The Benefits of a High Protein Diet

high protein diet

Many of us think of protein as the food group which builds muscle. We don’t consider that protein is essential for creating enzymes and hormones. Protein has the important role of growth and repair and that includes our hair, skin, tendons, ligaments and even our bones. Consuming a high protein diet may also aid in …

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What is Reverse Dieting?

reverse dieting

Reverse dieting is often considered to be the diet after the diet. Once you have undergone a prolonged calorie deficit, a reverse diet involves gradually increasing your calorie allowance on a weekly basis (usually by 50 to 100 calories per day). This attempts to increase your metabolism. There is little research on reverse dieting. Some …

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Is Starvation Mode Real?

is starvation mode real

Many fitness gurus have popularized the term starvation mode. The theory suggests that when a dieter eats too little, the body attempts to hold on to extra calories by decreasing metabolic rate. Is this fact or fiction? Multiple studies would conclude that a reduction in calories can lead to a drop in your basal metabolic …

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Weight Lifting for Weight Loss

weight lifting for weight loss

Yes, we’ll discuss weight lifting for weight loss but to be perfectly honest with you, there isn’t really such thing as a pure “weight loss” programme. We should consider the fact that there are no less than 168 hours in a week. Spending just 3 of those hours in a gym won’t do jack if …

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Is a Vegan Diet the Way Forward?

vegan diet

What a crazy month we just had. From M&S to the chicken orientated KFC, companies are going wild for veganism. Did this love of a vegan diet come from the Netflix documentary, the Game Changers? Are people taking an ethical stance or are they trying to improve their health? I won’t dive into ethics. After …

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How to Lose Belly Fat with “NEAT”

lose belly fat

NEAT stands for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. Anyone looking to lose belly fat should place heavy focus on NEAT. NEAT is nothing more than your daily activity before exercise. It’s your walk to work or your daily house chores. Simply ask yourself, “How active would I be if I didn’t partake in any structured exercise?” …

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Overcoming Poor Muscle Tone

poor muscle tone

Having poor muscle tone displeases you. You wish to peel inches off your waist and finally see definition in your triceps. This is one topic that I’m particularly passionate about. You see, muscle tone isn’t just about how you look. As our bodies age, muscle tone decreases and therefore, it is important to exercise and …

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5 Weight Loss Tips for Preventing Hunger

weight loss tips

Hungry? It’s perfectly normal to experience discomfort whilst dieting. That being said, we don’t want our hunger to become unbearable. That is why I wrote today’s post, “7 Weight Loss Tips for Preventing Hunger.” This piece is apart of my weight loss series. Over the past few weeks, we have explored the most essential weight …

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